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Mr. Prater has taught at the high school for over twenty years.  He has been married to his wife, Parthina, for over forty years.  They share three children Tracie, Jason ( Donna), Jasmine, and two grandsons, Jordan, Evan.  They are Parishioners of St Joachim Catholic Church of Piedmont, Alabama.  In his leisure time, Mr Prater enjoys yard work, reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.  He also enjoys sporting events, and Notre Dame football.  He had a desire to become a teacher because he wanted to give back to his community.  He felt teaching was a noble profession that would allow him the privilege to provide knowledge to children and watch them grow intellectually.  He has a passion for expanding the minds of others, and teaching allows him the ability to leave his footprints in the hearts of youth for generation after generation.  As a teacher, he believes it is important to incorporate technology into his classroom.  He is passionate about giving his students the tools they will need to prosper beyond their high school years.