FTA-Future Teachers of Alabama

Contact: Michele Downey (256) 447-2829

The Future Teachers of Alabama (FTA) is an organization of middle and high school students who are interested in exploring education as a career.


Joining FTA means:

  • Developing an understanding of and an appreciation for the teaching profession and of the history and development of our nation’s schools.
  • Developing positive attitudes toward school and community.
  • Having an opportunity to work with children in situations where they may realize potential satisfaction.
  • Participating in community service activities and/or community projects.
  • Becoming aware of and understanding classroom problems and techniques.



To promote an interest in teaching with middle and high school students and to provide students with experiences to help them determine if teaching is a viable career choice. FTA chapters provide students with opportunities so that they may be encouraged to pursue a career in education, as well as to develop leadership and professional attitudes among students interested in becoming teachers.


All clubs shall operate under their established bylaws that have been approved by the club members, advisors, and administration. State or national bylaws of said clubs shall supersede in authority those of the local club, unless specifically stated by the state or national bylaws and so long as the school club is a member of the state or ntional body. These bylaws shall be made available on the school website or by the club sponsor should they be requested by a parent, guardian, or student.