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Jennie Baer Staff Photo

Mrs. Baer attended Kendall Jr. Sr. High School in Kendall, New York.  She graduated from Jacksonville State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Education and is currently pursuing a master's degree.


Mrs. Baer is married to Dan Baer, and they have two kids: Dustin and Derrick.  She decided to go into education because she was working in an office and decided that she wanted to do something different. She did what most college students do and changed her major several times before she settled on education. Teaching fit where she was in her life and where she wanted to be. Technology influences all parts of our lives, so it is important to ensure that our students have the tools necessary to be successful.   Without technology Mrs. Baer’s students can not be successful. They use technology every day at school and at home. Her favorite quote is, "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine."