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March 12                        Sacred Heart/ Alexandria/TBA                        Home


March 15                        At Sacred Heart/TBA                                                Cain Creek


March 17                        Glencoe Invitational Tournament                        Silver Lakes


March 19                        Pleasant Valley/Centre/Spring Garden            Home


March 20                        White Plains/Wellborn/Centre/TBA                        Home


March 22                        At Wellborn/Sacred Heart/Saks                        Indian Oaks


April 3                                    At Sacred Heart/White Plains                                    Cain Creek


April 5                                    At Saks/Wellborn/                                                Indian Oaks


April 6-7                        Girl’s County Tournament                                    Cider Ridge


April 9                         Saks/Wellborn/Sacred Heart                                    Municipal (Hill)


April 10                        Saks/Spring Garden/Cedar Bluff                        Home


April 13-14                        Boy’s County Tournament                                    Cider Ridge


April16                        White Plains/Sacred Heart/TBA                        Pine Hill


April 18                        Wellborn/Saks/Sacred Heart                                    Municipal (Hill)


April 19                        Pleasant Valley                                                Silver Lakes


April 23                        Centre/Spring Garden/Cedar Bluff                        Home


April 24                        Pine Hill Tournament (Girl’s Only TBA)            Pine Hill


April 26                        Cherokee Invitational Tournament                        Home


April 30                        Boy’s and Girl’s Sectional                                    Twin Bridges


May 7                                    Boy’s Sub-state                                                 Silver Lakes

May 8                                    Girl’s Sub-state                                                Silver Lakes


May 16-17                        State Tournament                                                Muscle Shoals